Photo of Cynthia Tolentino

Cynthia Tolentino
Director, Facilities Management and Services Program Division
General Services Administration, Region 10
(253) 931-7413

Photo of Viccy Salazar

Viccy Salazar
Sr. Energy and Sustainability Policy Advisor
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Region 10, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska
(206) 553-1060

Sustainability Working Group

Working Group

Welcome to the SFEB Sustainability Spotlight. The SFEB Sustainability Spotlight is a local initiative through the Seattle Federal Executive Board (SFEB) to showcase how federal agencies in this area are saving taxpayer dollars and the environment with their sustainability efforts. It consists of easy to implement campaigns that protect the environment and save money.

The SFEB Sustainability Spotlight goals are:

• to show how federal sustainablity efforts are saving taxpayer dollars and helping the environment
• to share best practices, knowledge, tools, resources and data among the local federal community in an effort to be efficient and effective on behalf of the taxpayer
• to measure the impacts of our collective actions.

The effort will also demonstrate how Federal Executive Boards can play an integral role in coordinating regionally located Federal entities that are working towards shared Executive Order 13514 goals.

Over the next year, the SFEB and participating agencies will implement behavior change campaigns on specific areas including energy savings, green meeting, transportation and purchasing.

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   Power Point Presentation
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The SFEB Sustainability Spotlight team has created a series of newsletters to share resources, ideas and data among the federal community.
   - August, 2013
   - July 2013
   - June 21, 2013
   - June 7, 2013
   - May 24, 2013
   - May 10, 2013
   - December 2013

   Spotlight Results Final Report FY13
   GSA Green Teams
   Spotlight Initiatives
   GreenGov CEQ
   Executive Order
   Federal Green Challenge

   AFFECT/Notice of Intent
   Green Team Green Operations Office Audit
   Green Office Operations Audit/Occupant Driven Behaviors
   Green Meeting Checklist
   Greening Work Styles
   JFB/FOB Sustainable Practices Survey Example
   Promoting Energy Awareness in Two Federal Workplaces
   Revolving Door Sub-Work Action Plan as of 9/12/2012
   SFEB Sustainability Spotlight Energy Campaign: "Slay the Energy Vampires"
   SFEB Sustainability Spotlight Tips

   "Shut Down Your Computer!"
   "Use Natural Light!"
   Rosie: "We Can 1/2 It!"
   "Take the Stairs"
   "Burn Calories, Not Electricity"
   "Use Task Lighting"
   "Flip the Switch!"
   "Turn Off and Unplug"
   "Plug it in Only When You Need it!"