Public Service Recognition

2019 Public Service Recognition Nominations are due March 28, 2019.
The Celebration of Public Service is the Seattle Federal Executive Board’s most highly regarded event. The purpose of the event is to recognize outstanding deeds of public service. We invite you to nominate individuals and teams for exceptional accomplishments achieved during this past year. Nominations need to describe contributions made by the employee or team of employees that far exceed normal expectations.
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Official Announcement of Call for Nominations

Annually, we celebrate the Federal Community and various outstanding accomplishments in public service. Our ceremony recognizes the ideals and dedication to service that brought individuals and teams to this day. The Honorees' passion for service allows us to reach out collectively to Veterans and Wounded Warriors. We focus on transportation needs along with environmental, food and safety concerns. Our planning encompasses the needs of individuals with a disability, homeless individuals and families, and public safety for the community. Their positions vary; however, each one exemplifies leadership and compassion. Because of them, we have a strong bond of service.
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On Public Service
Recent remarks of John Berry, Director, Office of Personnel Management
Many of you, when you look at the red lines slashed across your budgets, will see not only the numbers, but the missions left unfulfilled. You see people – colleagues who will strive hard to achieve the same results with fewer people and fewer hours – even while they are hard hit by a smaller paycheck.

We cannot stop the cuts the law requires. We cannot assure that their impact will not touch families across the nation. But we can and we must do what we can to remind the public – and our employees – of the important work done in public service.

All across our nation, thousands of men and women rise each morning to serve their neighbors. They check our medicines, they protect our foods, and they keep the playing field level and open for banks and businesses of every size. They do this work because we the people have asked that it be done. We like our communities, roads and skies safe. We like our senior citizens to get the care they need. We like our children to get good educations. We like our parks and monuments held open for the enjoyment of all.

Many of the men and women in public service also wake up knowing that today, duty may call on them to run into a wildfire, or walk toward a hostage-taker, or sacrifice themselves for the security of our borders, ports and skies. Our troops, when they enlist, swear to uphold and defend our Constitution – a task for which they are rightly honored. Yet the civilians who swear the same oath all too often find themselves punted as political footballs. It must end.

Make no mistake, where waste exists, it should be rooted out; where employees fail, they should be fired. But what smallness of spirit causes a callous few to denigrate service, courage, and good purpose?

Our Federal civil service today is far more efficient than many remember from their youth. We have the same number of employees as when LBJ was President, though in that same span of time, our nation has grown from 200 million to above 330 million. And in today's civil service, a full one-third are Veterans. Their uniform may be gone – but the heart and sould and solemn oath remain.

I hope that you will take this message to heart, and convey it to your peers. On behalf of myself and on behalf of all Americans, thank you. Your missions are important to our safety and our communities. Your service to our nation - both in and out of uniform - is a precious and essential thing.