Dispute Resolution

How to Become a Mediator

Almost every county in the State of Washington has a Dispute Resolution Center (DRC) that provides Basic Mediation Training (BMT). The DRC’s also provide a supervised Practicum for those students who wish to pursue certification as a mediator. You can access DRC contact information at: Resolutionwa.org.

Basic Mediation Training is also provided by the University of Washington Law School Mediation Clinic and the Seattle University Law School Mediation Clinic, as well as private mediation firms.

CAUTION: Becoming certified as a mediator requires the completion of a Practicum. Please be sure that wherever you decide to take Basic Mediation Training also provides a Practicum or can tell you how to find your own.

There are currently two ways to become certified as a mediator in the State of Washington:
1. Obtain BMT training through a DRC, apply to be accepted into and complete their Practicum; or
2. Certification is also available through the Washington Mediation Association. Go to the "How to Certify" tab on the left and you will see several alternative methods of mediator certification outlined there.


Washington State has some of the strictest credentialing standards in the country. All Seattle FEB Mediators are certified mediators in Washington State. That means they have a minimum of:
· 40 hour Basic Mediation Training;
· Passed a 35 page written exam;
· Interviewed and been accepted into the Practicum;
· Observed six to twelve mediations;
· Passed two oral exams (4 hours each); and
· Co-mediated for a minimum of one year.

This entire process takes approximately two years. In many other states, mediators are "certified" after a 38-40 hour Basic Training class.

In addition, 25% of Seattle FEB mediators are certified by the Washington Mediation Association. In order to earn that certification, the person must have a minimum of 200 hours of mediation experience, plus 60 hours training and education in each category in which they seek certification, i.e., Labor and Employee Relations, EEO, Family, Community, Business, etc. We are very proud of this achievement. Having ANY WMA certified mediators on a roster is rare because the credential is so hard to earn.