SFEB Dispute Resolution

The Seattle Federal Executive Board (SFEB) Dispute Resolution Consortium (DRC) is an intergovernmental pool of Washington Mediation Association certified mediators from approximately 20 different Federal agencies around Western Washington, the State of Washington, the City of Seattle, and the Port of Seattle. The SFEB DRC administers the sharing of Federal employees trained in dispute resolution.

The SFEB DRC mediators help resolve workplace conflicts in Federal government agencies in the Seattle area. They handle cases involving work style differences and personality disputes to those involving possible harassment, discrimination, or unfair treatment. The SFEB DRC also provides conflict resolution training, facilitation, and conflict coaching services. Click here for additional information on the SFEB DRC, including last year's achievements.

Why Use Dispute Resolution/Mediation?

Reduce Risk: mediation involves little risk because it is a voluntary, confidential process from which parties may withdraw at any time
Achieve Settlement: the settlement rate for SFEB DRC mediations in 2016 was 77 percent
Save Time: an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) case could take years to resolve; SFEB DRC mediation could resolve a case in 30-60 days from the date of application, or less
Save Money: save $17,000–$80,000 per case by resolving disputes
Gain Greater Self-determination: mediation allows the parties to control case outcome, as opposed to a judge, jury, arbitrator, or other third party
Gain Greater Predictability: mediation parties can collaborate to create a settlement that meets their own needs, as opposed to subjecting themselves to the unpredictable decisions of a judge, jury, arbitrator, or other third party
Access Greater Problem Solving Creativity: the mediation process permits unique solutions to issues, as compared to the more limited and regulated types of relief ordered by courts and administrative bodies. SFEB DRC mediators help parties clarify issues and define challenges, then brainstorm together to generate options and explore solutions.
Improve Relationships: the mediation process, with its focus on quality communication, can improve relationships between parties, even if no settlement is reached, as compared to litigation, which can further damage or destroy relationships by constraining open dialogue and forcing a competitive, tactical, win-lose scenario.
Increase Satisfaction: with mediation, the parties speak for themselves, directly to each other, as opposed to speaking indirectly through attorneys or representatives
Save Time: See Employee, Agency, and Union Feedback on the DR Process and Mediation

To discuss whether the SFEB DRC can help you or your workplace, please contact:

Brett Eckelberg
SFEB DRC Program Manager
Seattle Federal Executive Board
701 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2900, M/S 221A
Seattle, WA 98104
Phone: (206) 615-3748
Fax: (206) 615-2531