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Associates Program

The SFEB Associates Program is designed to provide leadership and professional development through experiential learning. The program enables Associates to gain a broad perspective on leadership and management through interaction with federal executives and participation in SFEB programs and activities.

Seattle Federal Executive Board

The Seattle Federal Executive Board (SFEB) is comprised of federal agencies in the greater Puget Sound area. The Board's Chair and Vice Chair are elected annually. They oversee the Executive Leadership Council, the decision-making entity of the Board. The Board also includes its General Membership, which is comprised of approximately 147 federal agencies and various committees; one of which is the Associates Program.

Program Characteristics

The SFEB Associates Program Advisors provide oversight for the program. Participation in the program is for two consecutive years. Overall, approximately ten percent of an Associate’s time will be devoted to tasks, projects and professional development related to this program. Some activities may require a greater time commitment.

The SFEB Associates Program can assist agencies in a critical task of succession planning. The program provides a unique opportunity for agencies to develop exceptionally talented staff. At a time of challenges to agency budgets and mission, this program continues to maintain a commitment to excellence and enthusiasm for public service.

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Activities and Opportunities

  • NETWORKING:The program provides an opportunity to network with other federal agencies on special projects and SFEB programs. All Associates work together as a team. As a group, the Associates decide on the projects they will complete and the training they will schedule for the group as a whole. Associates organize and run their monthly meetings. Each year they organize and carry out key events during the year including an annual retreat, various group-training sessions, and a major project. All of these activities are carried out with general guidance and direction from the Advisory Committee.

  • SFEB EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP COUNCIL: Associate participation in Executive Leadership Council meetings is a core activity that provides Associates the opportunity to network with key Federal Executives.

  • EXECUTIVE MENTORING/JOB SHADOW: Each associate identifies at least one job shadow assignment each year to observe the work of a federal executive for one or two days. This mentoring experience provides opportunities to discuss the nature of leadership, career development and an understanding of the responsibilities of higher management.

  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Associates participate in a variety of professional development experiences. Some of these will be formal classroom sessions; others will be unstructured learning experiences. The Associates participate directly in developing the training program. Topics include leadership training, team building, creative problem solving, meeting skills, risk taking, personal skill inventories, and general public administration.

  • PUBLIC SERVICE RECOGNITION WEEK: Associates work with the Executive Director to develop the program and participate directly in the execution of the event.

  • GENERAL SUPPORT OF THE SFEB: Associates help with the planning and execution of events sponsored by the SFEB, and may serve on other SFEB committees. Such events may include the annual Leadership Conference and the Combined Federal Campaign. Associates are also expected to support and participate in SFEB meetings.

  • ADVISOR AND ASSOCIATE RELATIONSHIP: Associates are assigned an Advisor at the beginning of each of year of the program. The Advisor serves as a mentor and assists the Associate with defining realistic developmental objectives, developing strategies for accomplishing goals, and identifying resources that are available to fulfill program requirements.

  • CONTINUED DEVELOPMENT: Associates will have many opportunities to assist in the continuing development of the Associates Program, through their experiences and training.

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    Program Requirements

    Each Associate is expected to complete the following requirements:

  • Associates are required to attend a three-day orientation and planning retreat in January for both years they are in the program.
  • Propose a team development plan.
  • Plan, conduct and attend monthly meetings.
  • Fully participate in various Associate group activities, including training, service projects, and other events approved and planned by the group as a whole.
  • Complete a minimum of one job shadow assignment each year.
  • Participate in the Associate’s group project (one per year).
  • Complete training, either individually or with the group that addresses competencies in meeting management, facilitation, working as a team, communication skills, personal development and self-assessment.
  • Complete at least two service activities with the SFEB.
  • Keep his/her supervisor apprised of activities and accomplishments.
  • Complete an annual self-evaluation.
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    Prior Year Associate Projects

    Operation Warfighter Logo

    2013: Operation Warfighter
    The 2013 team of Associates partnered with the national program Operation Warfighter. Operation Warfighter (OWF) is a Federal internship program for wounded, ill, and injured (WII) Service members. The Associates' objective was to facilitate dialogue with federal agencies to find internships for recovering service members. Teams carried out various outreach initiatives, informational sessions, and placement coordination.

    Wellness Logo

    2012: Wellness Works Wonders
    The 2012 Seattle Federal Executive Board’s Associates Team conducted a project called Wellness Works Wonders. The purpose of this project was to promote fitness, health and overall wellness through a variety of events and education tools.

    Step Up Logo

    2011: Step Up
    A competition between Seattle area agencies and their employees to increase volunteer efforts.

    Going Green Logo

    2010: Government Going Green
    In support of President Obama’s Executive Order on Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance, the SFEB Associates organized a half day fair showcasing the green initiatives being implemented by the government at the federal, state, and local level.

    Serve America Logo

    2009: Serve America Challenge
    In support of the President Obama’s call on Americans to make a difference by volunteering, the SFEB Associates challenged college students to serve in the community. The Associates then asked the students to share their experiences by competitively reflecting through a piece of writing, a work of art or other expressions.

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